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As you know, your body temperature is key in being able to go to sleep comfortably. Falling temperatures cue the onset of sleep and help you stay asleep soundly through the night. We have probably all experienced waking up sweating in the middle of a hot night, and our mission at Hydrologie® is to create products that will help you get a better night’s rest – faster & cooler; With over 12 years of experience in sleep products, our team at Hydrologie® proudly brings you this cool to the touch sleep experience.

Why choose Hydrologie

We have worked intensely to combine and incorporate the best cooling features of different materials to make it work. With our signature cool to the touch fabric, breathable covers, gel-infused memory foam and air flow construction built into our products, now you will be able to enjoy a cooler and incredibly comfortable sleep.

We have partnered with some awesome manufacturers and proudly stand behind the quality and design of our products offering you risk-free trials, free shipping & returns and guaranteed satisfaction.

100 night risk-free trial

free shipping & returns

CertiPUR-US® certified foams

satisfaction guaranteed


Reviews by real people.

Excellent customer service and great mattress! Thank you for your help and we love our new mattress. Well prepared now for the upcoming hot summer here in Dallas!

Louis G.

I have been looking for a good pillow. I just received it today and have a try. It is really cold. I believe it will be good for summer. Today weather is moderate, I put on pillow case, and I feel comfortable.

Bel W.

I got this through Kickstarter, mainly for my boyfriend who has to be cold to fall asleep. These pillows stay cold all night, and it’s the first kickstarter I’ve backed that received my boyfriend’s approval.

Derek B.

I have received mine; this product so awesome! Great product guys.

Sarah K.

Bought this via kickstarter and my initial order was a flat pillow that didnt inflate. But thanks to amazing customer service a nice new fluffy cool pillow arrived ASAP all the way to Hong Kong. It is so cool to the touch and really does the job of keeping the pillow nice and cold.

Sung Joon P.

Love how cooling this keeps me at night.

Annie D.

Wow, well this is one of the best pillows I’ve had. Summer is coming for me and it’s already hot, but this pillow is still cool.

Fraser L.

Very comfortable and I love it.

Owen S.

We’ve had our pillows for a couple weeks now. They are awesome. Arrived vacuum packed and fluffed up nicely in a few hours. Mr. thought they were cold the first couple nights until he became used to them. Loves them. Says he won’t switch back to regular pillows.

Elmer R.

Just received mine yesterday! The products are amazing! Xoxo

Jordan R.

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        Sleep cool and let’s fight the heat together.

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