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Yes. It is safe to sleep on for you and your family. The Hydrologie® Cool Mattress is independently certified by Certipure, a 3rd party global foam material rating standard, to be free from known harmful chemicals and gases. It is free from Ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates and any Volatile Organic Compounds. The foam material that is used on Hydrologie® Cool Mattress is also naturally resistant to Bed Bugs.

The Hydrologie® Cool Mattress can be easily set up on a basic bed frame, high or low profile box springs or even on the floor. The 10” Twin, Twin extra long and Full size Hydrologie® Cool Mattresses can be used on bunk beds as well. If you are considering the 12” version, Please make sure your frame can fit a 12” mattress.

Shipping is free within the contiguous United States, whether to purchase or return a Hydrologie® Cool Mattress. There is additional shipping charge to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories, excluding PR.

New laws in CaliforniaConnecticut and Rhode Island now require retailers to collect a small fee at check-out for each mattress sold.

The fees are then transferred to the state to fund their recycling efforts. The collection of fees is mandated by these new laws. Even if you aren’t getting rid of a mattress now, you will eventually and the collection of fee helps to cover those costs down the road.

We take care of this for you

The mattresses weigh from 55 lbs (Twin Size) to 120 lbs (King Size). It may be slightly heavier than other mattresses due to its premium foam materials. Team lifting is strongly recommended

We currently only ship to the United States.

We normally ship your orders out the same day you place the order by Fedex ground. Allow 1-5 days for arrival. We do our best to notify you ahead of time if we expect any issues. If there is any change on your shipping address please notify our customer service team immediately.

While many people were told that you need to test a mattress in a retail store, this is actually not the best way to shop for a mattress. The 100-night sleep trial is a period of time you get to test out the Hydrologie® Cool Mattress in your own bedroom. It is also perfect for allowing you adjust and get comfortable with the new cool and awesome sleep experience. It may take 4-6 weeks to adjust to a new sleep surface as sleep studies show. If you decide for any reason that Hydrologie® Cool Mattress is not your ideal mattress, we’ll remove it from your home and refund you 100% of your payments.

It is actually rare for people to want to return their Hydrologie® Cool Mattress – but when it happens, we sure make it easy. We will arrange pickup and refund your money once the pickup has been completed. Refunds usually post back to your account in 3 business days. Our friendly customer service representatives will make the process painless and fast for you.

If the product is defective or damaged during transportation simply let us know. You can also make the exchange by returning the original mattress through our returns process. Then it’s up to you if you’d like to purchase your replacement before receiving the refund for your return.

No. It is not necessary. We encourage you to recycle. 

If you are in the contiguous US you do not need to pay for any shipping. Both delivery and returns of your Hydrologie® Cool Mattress alway include free shipping. If you are outside of the contiguous US, a delivery charge is added to checkout, however, returns are always free.

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